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Many of you have been following Lucy’s story via #welovelucy on Facebook! Most of you have probably seen, sweet Lucy gained her wings on 3/15/2022.

Lucy’s family relocated to Houston from Iowa to seek out one of the best PH (pulmonary hypertension) centers in the country, showing what could only be one of the most selfless acts of a parents love!

Hospital life alone presents its own financial challenges, but now having to process the loss of your child, while hoping you can afford to bring them home seems unbearable!

The coming weeks will be very difficult ones for the family. Our hope with this fundraiser is to help alleviate the financial burden, and help give Lucy the homecoming she deserves! No family should have to worry about money during this difficult time!

This fundraiser will help the family be able to get Lucy home, as well as help plan her celebration of life back home in Iowa, once they are able to settle everything in Texas!